Rita Baker Testimonial

“I am an 87-year-old widow who had no idea how bad my hearing loss had become.  At my children’s insistence, I agreed to a test, choosing Hearing Unlimited because of the location.  It has become a life change — I didn’t know all the things I was missing.  My family and friends all remark on […]

Esther Williams Testimonial

Date: August 11, 2016 I have worn hearing aids since 2013. My first pair improved my hearing but I still struggled to hear on the telephone and with the television. I would hear, but not understand. Since receiving my new hearing aids, I am very impressed with how well I hear TV, using a TV […]

David A. Hearing Aid Testimonial

“Getting my new hearing aids–It’s like going from a regular old fashioned speaker to the new surround sound!” – David A.

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